Strategic Assessments and Analysis

Advising VCs on potential portfolio companies from operational and supportability perspective
Services assessment and tuneup
Support resource and headcount modeling
Product design for supportability
KPIs and actionable insights
Survey design and Voice of the Customer analysis
Organizational design and headcount modeling

Knowledge Centered Support
KCS assessment and maturity measures
Design and implementation of KCS framework
CRM and KCS integration
Web-based Knowledge Base design
Success measures for Knowledge Management
Team alignment and training
Ongoing KCS maintenance
Using KCS reporting to inform product roadmap
Partner and customer collaboration
KCS in the outsourced support center

Customer Success

Customer onboarding
Customer lifecycle management
Customer retention strategy
Customer portfolio management
Success measures

Service Strategy

Support strategy and execution
Design and implementation of service offerings
Building and managing multi-site and WorkAtHome teams
Escalation management
Social Media strategy for services operations
Services integration through mergers and acquisitions
Training services

Technology and Processes

Service automation
CRM vendor selection and implementation
Knowledge management (KCS)
Support portals
Field service management