Case 1
Problem: A startup needs to quickly and inexpensively launch a frontline support operation.
Engagement: two hour phone consultation with the founder plus one day for analysis.
Deliverables: An annotated list of 7 onshore and offshore outsource providers that match the specific skill requirements.
Outcome: The startup engaged an outsource partner and implemented assisted support within three months.​

Case 2
Problem: A social media startup company is ready to launch the product but the founders are uncertain how it will be supported beyond the beta.
Engagement: 3-week onsite and offsite strategic assessment.
Deliverables: 50 pages Support Strategy framework; KPI dashboard mockup; support team job descriptions; support technology roadmap.
Outcome: The company was able to bring the product to market and onboard 265 customers in the first six months with no customer churn.

Case 3
Problem: A medium size late-stage startup is facing a challenge with the frontline team ability to support customers on a new and complex technology.
Engagement: 6-week Knowledge Management design and implementation project.
Deliverables: KM roadmap; project plan; input into product functional spec; day-to-day hands-on management of the project; internal launch; KPI analysis; subsequent monthly check-ins.
Outcome: reduced customer churn by 25% in the first three months post KM launch; decreased the average time to case resolution from 6 weeks to 3 days; reduced internal technical escalations to Engineering by 60%.

Case 4
Problem: A startup going though a rapid growth period is struggling with team silos and lack of alignment, resulting in employee morale issues across the board and measurable decrease in customer satisfaction.
Engagement: 4-week organizational assessment and 3-month limited engagement.
Deliverables: Organizational model; implementation plan; communication strategy, training for management and the teams.
Outcome: In six months the employee engagement score improved by 30%; customer satisfaction increased by 35%.